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Create the perfect outdoor entertainment solution for your home and family.


Seura outdoor living

Whether you’re enjoying a pool, a hot tub, a patio, or the expanse of a beautiful lawn, there is a certain peace that comes from being outside. Why give that up to listen to music, or watch TV indoors? Robust, all-weather TVs designed for the elements can live outdoors year round. All-weather speakers combine high fidelity with sealed enclosures to keep Mother Nature out. Don’t want to see the speakers? No problem; use landscape outdoor speakers that seamlessly blend into your shrubs, flowers and architecture. Pair with wireless technology, you can access your entire audio/video library from the yard through your landscape speakers, and control your landscape lights, video, and volume. Bring your HD and hi-fi out into your outdoor entertainment area, and enjoy it under the stars and sun.

Recent advances in technology have provided us with amazing possibilities for bringing entertainment to your outdoor living. The most basic way to provide outdoor entertainment is with one or more pairs of weather-resistant outdoor speakers. Better coverage and a far better outdoor experience is provided when you have several sets of speakers operating at a low volume instead of one pair of speakers playing extremely loud.


Blending Equipment

Great sounding speakers for around the deck or the pool.

Terra Cotta by Madison Fielding

One of our most popular outdoor living solutions are Madison Fielding planter speakers. They are completely waterproof and provide a separate planter top for live flowers or plants. Another option would be to disguise your speakers within the landscaped area as a landscaping rock.

Landscaping Rockustics speakers

Landscaping Rockustics speakers

The rock enclosures have a grille that match the texture so closely that the speaker is nearly impossible to see. The sound you get from these are amazing.

Outdoor Audio Solutions

The OutCast weather-resistant, wireless speaker lets you enjoy rich multi-directional stereo sound throughout your house, in your yard, on your patio and even on your boat. With broadcast range of up to 350 feet, this powerful wireless speaker receives transmissions through walls, floors, and ceilings without the hassle of running wires. Once you have great sound outdoors, how do you control it? Consider these home automation systems from:

Weather Proof Visuals

Each of these have wireless control options for complete management of your outdoor entertainment choices. Imagine sitting outside with your friends, listening to music from high school or college days. One of them asks if you can play something more recent, so you hand him your two-way remote control and say he can choose the next music selection!

Open Air Theaterssfc_starglas_poolside_lrez[1]

Outdoor video continues to gain in popularity with outdoor grilling and kitchen areas being added for entertaining. Many people are putting LCDs on their covered porches and in gazebo areas. Come by our design center at Hilltop to see one of our patio installations.

As outdoor entertaining has become more popular than ever, there are even ways to do a complete outdoor home theater system like the one pictured to the right with a Stewart Filmscreen StarGlass Screen. Let Domes’ experts help you create the perfect outdoor entertainment solution for your home and family.