CONTROL4® Lighting Control

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Control4® Lighting Control

Control4 lighting control will allow you to control every room inside and outside of your home, and it will also save you money. How many times have you had to go behind your children, or dare I say your better half to turn off lights when they leave the room? Control4 gives you the control of all your lights throughout the house, and even the garage and
outdoor lighting.

Gallery kitchen
When you get your Control4 system installed our design specialist will work with you to set up room scenes. This means you will choose lighting scenes that you use most often. Settings for breakfast time, lunchtime, reading, relaxing and having a glass of wine, reading the paper or watching TV. You will even be able to set the garage door opener to trigger the lighting scene coming into the the hallway to the kitchen. Then when it’s time for bed, instead of having to go around and check every door and room for lights to turn off, all you have to do is push the goodnight button by your bed to turn off every light in your home. If you have our security system integrated with Control4 it will make sure your garage door is closed, your alarm system is on, and all your doors are locked. There is one more scene that we haven’t discussed and it is my favorite, the party mode! For the party mode scene you can set your favorite music channel or put on the game, then dim the lights around the house to the perfect setting for when all the guests arrive; this includes turning on the outdoor walkway lights and porch lights. Now your job is to make sure all the food is ready and let the party begin!

Whatever lighting scene you can imagine, we can make it happen. Just imagine a button for the holidays that will turn off all the holiday lights at one time; even the outdoor lights.

Climate Control

Advanced temperature control is a simple and affordable addition that also provides real energy savings.

The last thing you want to do is take a vacation and worry about your home and loved ones while you are away. Control4 and our security system with cameras allow you to keep and eye on what matters most. Your smart home thermostat will keep your home at controlled settings no matter what the temperature changes happen to be outside.

Control4® Wireless Thermostat

Easily add advanced temperature control to respond to the outside temperature, season, event or time of day.

  •        Bi-directional communication with all Control4® interfaces
  •        Stand-alone functionality
  •        Up to 6 customizable set points per day

Fireplace Controlled by Control4

Plus, while you are away, you can set your lighting to change daily and nightly so people will think someone is home. Adding another level of security to your home while you are away.


Control4® Fireplace Switch

Control the temperature and ambiance in your home.

  • Make your gas fireplace an automatic part of your heating and cooling settings
  • Control the fireplace as part of customized lighting scenes