Lighting Controls

Increase your homes efficiency with a single control center that encompasses programmable lighting, controlled energy consumption, thermostat control, security, and also reduces wall clutter.

Domes – Lighting Control

Artificial and natural lighting control are some of the fastest growing areas in home technology. These systems revolutionize the way you manage light in your home. They provide superior lifestyle enhancement, security, and energy saving benefits. Always considered a “must have” in large, custom homes, today’s technology makes lighting and automated window treatment control available to a wide audience as it can be retro fitted into any size existing home. Domes offers lighting solutions from the world leaders in lighting control:

Absolute Convenience

Artificial light refers to the electrical lighting throughout your home’s interior and exterior. Through the use of “lighting scenes,” lighting controls, and lighting systems can activate any settings you design to control any lights in or around your home. Via astronomical time-clock, or even remote location technology, you control pre-designated lighting scenes from a central keypad or touch panel. Imagine, no more running through the house flipping switches. You can even control the lights of your home from inside your car so you never have to enter a dark house again! A lighting control system is the ultimate combination of convenience, safety, and efficiency.

It Looks Just great!

Aesthetically, keypads used in a lighting control system eliminate wall clutter by doing away with the need
for endless banks of wall switches. An array of sleek finishes blend elegantly with a home’s paint colors
or wallpaper, complimenting any interior. Along with these features, lighting control is commonly used to showcase art pieces and architectural features certain times throughout the day, or perhaps during different types of entertaining.

Endless Possibilities

Can you imagine the endless possibilities this technology offers to holiday decorating? And what easier way to end your day than hitting one button from your bedroom nightstand that shuts off your entire house, illuminating only those lights you wish remaining? Wake up in the middle of the night? You can now say, “Goodbye” to fumbling around for switches and multiple unsightly nightlights. Your lighting control’s system can include
a sensor that wakes up when you do, and automatically lights your chosen pathway, then automatically shuts
off again.

Natural light can be controlled like never before. Lighting control, once just a luxury home necessity, is now
a practical solution for many homeowners and businesses alike, for any hard to reach window in residences, boardrooms, ballrooms, or just for economic simplicity on any window. Automated window treatments enhance television or projector-type viewing, and aid climate control and energy efficiency.

Form with Function

Of course shading windows protects your furnishings, flooring, and fabrics from the damaging effects of the sun, but programmable automation is a whole new world. Imagine your bedroom window coverings quietly rising at a pre-set time to gently wake you each morning, or perhaps sheers lowering at dusk throughout your main living areas to envelop you in privacy in the evenings. Automated window treatment products are available in an infinite array of styles and fabrics, or can be customized using your fabric, and seamlessly integrated anywhere into your home, or along with audio/video components to add extra “wow” factor and functionality
to your home theater or media room.

Stop by one of our showrooms and let our design consultants discuss possibilities for your project. We routinely work with decorators and other contractors as well. When combined with other Domes automation and audio/video systems, the ultimate connected home is no longer a dream. The possibilities are limited
only by our collective imaginations.