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Seura outdoor TV


Whether you’re enjoying a pool, a hot tub, a patio, or the expanse of a beautiful lawn, there is a certain peace that comes from being outside. Why give that up to listen to music, or watch TV indoors? Robust, all-weather TVs designed for the elements can live outdoors year round. All-weather speakers combine high fidelity with sealed enclosures to keep Mother Nature out. Don’t want to see the speakers? No problem; using landscape outdoor speakers that seamlessly blend into your shrubs, flowers and architecture. Paired with wireless technology, you can access your entire audio/video library from the yard through your landscape speakers, and control your lights, video, and volume. Bring your HD and hi-fi out into the world, and enjoy it under the stars and sun.


Customize Your Séura

Go ahead. Express yourself. Get creative and create something completely you.

True, Comprehensive Séura TV Mirror Solutions.

Not just a TV, not just a mirror — a TV Mirror. Beautifully, seamlessly and successfully integrate your television solution without hassle, the first time with Séura Elegance.

Séura TV Mirrors provide elegance and entertainment. There are many options available for you to create a custom TV mirror by Séura. Experience all that Séura has to offer and contact Domes Audio Video Environments to assist you in creating something completely you. Séura brings to life your most intricate ideas and exclusive specifications.


Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors

for Great Rooms and Bedrooms

Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors are maximized for picture performance. These solutions are ideal for larger televisions in any location outside of the bathroom. The proprietary dual-sided glass coating was developed specifically for optimum television performance. This advancement in mirror technology results in a vivid picture for dynamic television viewing. The mirror’s subtle designer tint is a soft complement to any decor and provides both dramatic function and powerful impact.

It’s time. Time to turn your outdoor living space into an incredible entertainment area that will excite both family and friends.  Séura Outdoor TVs combine incredibly elegant design with the most advanced technology to deliver the very best outdoor entertainment venue you can find. With Triple Lock Seal” weatherproofing, unmatched reliability, and the sharpest, brightest picture in any lighting, any climate, your new Séura outdoor TV will be an instant hit. So, consider outdoor fun for family and friends guaranteed.