Receiver & Components

We offer a great selection of high performance home audio components!

Domes Components

Domes was founded in 1980, and we are one of the few stores of our size in the country who still focus on quality components for music. With multiple listening rooms, our friendly staff is always willing to help you find the right combination of components for your system. If this requires comparing various products, not only are we equipped to do this – we love to do it!

Knowing the Way Forward

Domes was one of the first integrators in Hampton Roads to bring in the new wave of digital music. Storing music on a hard drive has advantages from
a management and archival standpoint, but the cool thing is, if done right, it sounds fantastic! We can integrate an outstanding music system into your home theater and provide ways to get the best possible music reproduction from your iPod. Our design consultants can show you how to get started in this area with product selections from:


The Best Product Range

When it comes to the heart of your component system, Domes has great variety. We offer both separate components and integrated amps from:


As always, we are happy to set up comparisons for you. It’s really amazing the difference you hear when you step up from an all in one receiver to separate components. Listening to music can be one of the easiest ways to relax. When your music system is right, it can ease away all of the stress of the day. We invite you to let our experts help you create a system you will enjoy daily for many, many years to come!