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Mariner speakers

Sonance Landscape Outdoor Speakers

homebase1Sonance Landscape Series uses strategically placed “satellite” outdoor speakers that are hidden within garden beds or in amongst the foliage of trees. A subwoofer enclosure is then buried underground or within shrubs, with just an earth-colored hood dispersing sound perfectly. It’s all about blending perfectly into your surroundings. Your result will be a garden that will immerse you and your guests in high quality sound, always at the perfect volume, no matter where they are, or what they are doing; and because the speakers are camouflaged, it is as if the music is coming from nowhere.

Mariner and Rock Speakers

Mariner speaker

  •  Exclusive “Fastmount” for quick installation and easier positioning that won’t droop over time
  • Front-mounted sealed terminals for easier connection and reliability
  • Aluminum grille design that won’t rust or corrode over time
  • 2 colors, 3 sizes, 3 performance levels, single stereo model



Rock speakers

  • Durable weather-resistant construction that is built to withstand the harshest elements
  • Available in either granite or brown finishes, with a natural stone texture and contours
  • Internal wire connections to eliminate corrosion caused by moisture and to prevent damage from garden tools
  • Options RK10W subwoofer for increased bass and feature daisy-chain connection for simple installation

New Arrivals from Madison Fielding!

Terra Cotta Outdoor Speakers by Madison Fielding


Great sounding speakers for around the deck or the pool.

Terra Cotta by Madison Fielding

Made of durable polyetheline plastic from a custom mold and imported from Italy, the Terra Cotta PlanterSpeakers look like the real thing!  We offer three models for any size space.  All speaker components are concealed from view and this model features a lower reflector for spacious 360o sound.  Beautiful weather treated wrought iron stands included.  For indoor or outdoor use, speakers are designed for use with real or artificial plants.

Flagstone with roses

Flagstone Outdoor Speakers with Roses

Flagstone PlanterSpeakers are considered by experts to be the the world’s best outdoor residential speaker. Made of durable fiberglass, the Flagstone is a timeless design with contemporary yet classic style. Its three-way speaker design hides a 10-inch woofer, a four-inch mid-range and one-inch tweeter in a planter that will change the way you listen to music outside. The Flagstone is fully weather-proof and designed for use with live or artificial plants.

Westport by Madison Fielding

Westport Outdoor Speakers by Madison Fielding

A two-way speaker system features 1” tweeter – 6” HD woofer – 8” passive bass radiator 44Hz to 15kHz +- 3DB power rated at 50 watts rms – 80 watt peak 8ohms  18 x 18 x 18  – For outdoor areas not to exceed 600 sq. ft.


Rockustics Outdoor Speakers

Combine the highest quality outdoor high-fidelity speakers with  authentic environmental design and you have the all-weather Rockustics sound adventure.  Enjoy state-of-the-art sound in your own backyard with Rockustics’ nature-inspired-designs.
Rockustics aren’t just great speakers put into rocks, they are the product of custom sound  contractors, acoustic design engineers and specialists in applied fine arts working together to create a speaker like no other. A speaker whose form and function operate as one to create a harmonic feast for your ears and your eyes.