Speaker Systems

We have some of the best speaker selections and matching solutions.



High Performance Speakers

Speakers are what let you hear and enjoy the soul and power of the music. You want speakers that will enhance the music, and create a home theater experience far superior to any commercial theaters.Domes has what we consider the best selection of high performance speakers just about anywhere in the country. We carry a wide range of brands such as:


Speaker Matching Solutions

How do you determine the right set of speakers for your music system? You can read and read until you are so confused you have no idea what do to, but it’s really quite simple. Bring some of your favorite music to our showroom and let us help. You can listen to a variety of speakers to help you find the type and style that suits your tastes.


Subwoofers are dedicated to the reproduction of bass frequencies, typically from about 20 Hertz to perhaps 200 Hertz in cone speakers, and in the case of a rotary woofer, all the way down to below 1 Hertz. It is often advantageous to use a loudspeaker specifically designed for handling low frequencies at high power levels.

In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a great solution for people who want great sound but don’t want to give up their floor or shelf space to traditional speakers. Almost all in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have paintable grilles, so you can camouflage them in your walls or ceiling. Tour our Hilltop design center to see how seamlessly they blend with the “home’s” décor.