May 1, 2023

Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting Provides Beauty and Versatility

Explore the Latest Lighting Control System

Your home is your sanctuary, where you relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and rejuvenate. To help you elevate this peace and tranquility, our team at Domes Audio Video integrates the latest technology that’s easy to use and enhances your daily life.

Today’s lighting control is one such technology. Gone are the light switches, and in their place are beautiful touchscreens and custom-engraved keypads. No longer limited to soft or bright white light, you have access to all the colors in the visible light spectrum—millions of shades and hues. 

And it gets even better. In 2022, Control4, our home automation partner, came out with their Vibrant Linear Lighting system. Not only do you experience effortless control, but also light from an unseen source that’s inexplicably beautiful, elevating the environment and enhancing your family’s well-being.

Let’s explore the possibilities and how to upgrade your home’s lighting system in Virginia Beach, VA, with Vibrant Linear Lighting.

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Vibrant Linear Lighting Defined

The Vibrant Linear Lighting system uses Control4’s solid-state, high-performance LED strips integrated into aluminum extrusions. The effect is maximum light diffusion, softening harsh shadows with a gentle light that provides a 'Wow' factor. This accent lighting creates various impressions, from full wall washes of light to a soft, subtle glow.

The result is layers of light that you feel as well as see, setting the tone with indirect lighting. This brilliant illumination can also be applied in your outdoor areas, creating intrigue and an enchanting outdoor oasis.   

Effortless Beauty for Every Moment

We’ll program the system to produce the perfect ambiance for your family’s many activities. This allows you to create specific moods for dining, relaxing, entertaining, working, morning and evening schedules, and other daily tasks. For instance, tap the 'Entertain' button, and the lighting appears as soft golden candlelight or illuminates your home in washes of indigo, azure, and arctic blue. During the holidays, you can effortlessly transform your interior and exterior lights to the season's colors.

These scenes can be activated with one touch, automatically, or through voice commands. Furthermore, with a color rendering index of 90+, you can be assured of the most authentic colors.

Enhancing Your Family’s Well-Being

You can also transform this lighting with one touch into 'Natural Light.’ Now, your lighting mimics the changing color of daylight. In the morning, your lights resemble the golden-blue glow of dawn. Mid-day, it takes on a bright white-blue hue before slowly dimming and warming to a soft amber glow in the evening. 

This type of lighting aligns your internal clock, also called your circadian rhythm, that’s affected by changing levels of natural light. During the day, it enhances your energy. In the evening, it promotes relaxation. 

Are you ready to enhance your home’s architectural features, support your biological rhythms, and experience vibrant lighting perfect for every moment and occasion? Domes Audio Video has served the Hampton Roads area since 1980. Our extensively trained designers and engineers ensure lighting that transforms your home and exceeds your expectations. To learn more about Control4's Vibrant Linear Lighting system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Domes Audio Video today.

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