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The Best Thing That Happened to TV.

The best thing that ever happened to television was when it moved out of the living room and spread itself throughout the house. A television that’s flush-mounted on the wall above the Peloton bike is the ideal way to make sure you get your roadwork without missing the news, game recaps, or favorite shows, for example. And the flat- screen in the kitchen ensures you can see the latest weather while the coffee brews or follow an online recipe hands-free.

Today, that TV has become the centerpiece in various rooms and can offer the most stunning video you have ever seen. It can be in a fully dedicated room such as a Home Theater or Media Room, or anywhere in the house. Here at DomesAV, we install TVs in all the usual places-and in a few spots that may surprise you. In our prior blogs, we shared how you can take great entertainment outdoors. Now we are sharing how to make the most of entertainment inside that suits your lifestyle and family.

While the master bedroom is the quintessential place for a TV worthy of binge-watching classic reruns, streaming movies, and checking the doorbell cam in your security system, there is nothing like putting a massive, stunning image in the center of your family spaces to maximize games, movies, and favorite shows.

Today we are seeing more people than ever create that one central, premier place in the home where family, friends, and the occasional neighbor can gather to witness TV on the big screen in a way never imagined. Whether you retrofit that spare bedroom or finish out the basement, that TV – and video experience – will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of your family gathering place.

Video has gotten not only bigger but so much better. We now field questions about the world of 4K and 8K videos multiple times per day. And it is tantalizingly different. Colors are rich, natural, and more realistic than ever before. The images you see on a 75 or 85-inch Sony Bravia XR Master Series TV, for instance, are perfected by human perspective analysis that cross-analyzes and optimizes hundreds of thousands of elements in the blink of an eye. The pictures literally pop from the screen with deep, clean blacks and ultra-bright highlights.

Sony XR colors are so real that-well-you must see them to believe it. You can enjoy an extended, wider range of hues and saturation, vivid shades, and realistic textures. Even pale colors look realistic. XR Contrast Booster adjusts brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper blacks in shadow.  Sony Bravia XR even auto-adjusts when the hue of the light source in the room changes, so realistic living color values are maintained.

The right TV can make your old, favorite movies look better than you remember because they actually DO become better than you remember. Using incredibly advanced 8K upscaling, Sony Bravia XR Master Series TVs make 2K or 4K signals close to true 8K quality for incredibly real and immersive viewing.

TV To Be Seen – And Heard.

With a Sony Bravia XR system, everything you watch can be enhanced by true surround sound treatment as well. XR Surround creates surround sound from the sides and vertically so you can experience 3D audio without in-ceiling or up-facing speakers. And with strategically positioned frame tweeters and front-facing subwoofers, you’ll enjoy the optimal sound, no matter where you place your TV. And, at DomesAV, we offer other rich, surround sound options to suit your home, vision, and budget.

“Hey, Google.” That’s all it takes for hands-free control of your Sony TV. You can find and cast your favorite videos, stream apps, and play music all with just your voice. Ask Google to find a certain title, or even for a personalized suggestion of what to watch.

Are wires a necessary evil? Perhaps – but that doesn’t mean they have to be visible or clumsily camouflaged. With Sony Bravia XR Master Series TVs, a concealed cable track keeps wires cleverly hidden, so your display stays free of clutter and looks good from the front, the sides, and the back. This is a perfect solution for any space and will even make your Designer happy if you are updating your interior!

Are Sony Bravia XR Master Series really the best TVs in the world? Quite possibly. And they might be the best looking even when they are not turned on, thanks to the flat surface and extremely thin, premium-quality metal bezel.

How To Get Your Best Picture.

Want to know more? Contact us for either a socially safe visit to our Design Center or a FREE private consultation. You can share your video ideas and we can help pick the right solution just for you. In our Design Center, we have a range of Sony options, plus you can hear some extremely special audio systems such as a total 7.4.4 Home Theater. And you’ll experience our range of automation, control, lighting, and networking solutions for making your home very smart.

DomesAV is open, and we are designing, servicing equipment and systems. Our design specialist can work with you to ensure the video and other technology matches your design aesthetic and home. They can also work with your own builder, interior designer, or we can handle every aspect of the project. Call today and let’s upgrade your entertainment and video systems at home!

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