Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

Lighting Control for holidays

Once you have smart lighting control in your home it is hard to imagine living without it. Lighting is such an integral part of our lives, and it provides the perfect ambiance for our entertainment experience. It’s right up there with music in terms of  the enjoyment it provides, and delivers the most return on investment in terms of energy efficiency.

If you are like most, you will be doing a lot of entertaining throughout the holidays; or you could prefer a quiet holiday season but still want to enjoy the lighting, music, and ambiance that goes along with it. Either way we all usually have a great deal of lights on, with holiday lights outdoors and throughout our homes.

We like the Christmas tree to be lit when we wake up in the morning, and we like it off when everyone goes to bed.  And since we only need the outside lights on in the evening, we have our Control4 system programmed to manage all of the timing for us. The tree lights come on at 7:30 each morning, and the outside lights turn on at dusk and turn off at midnight.  Alternate LED’s have been placed on dimmers and switches so that some are green and some are red.  The house looks festive and everything just happens as it should…automatically.  And the best part, we’ve had our lights programmed so that they only come on to 80%, thus extending the bulb life significantly and using less electricity. Smart lighting even helps us manage lighting when our grandchildren visit. As they wander from room to room they are always leaving lighting on. It’s not a problem as they are all programmed to turn off if left on for more than 15 minutes.

We have our smart house set up with a few other automated features as well, such as climate control and audio/video. You actually sleep better if your rooms are a little cooler at night while you are tucked into that warm bed. So we have our thermostat controlled to drop a few degrees during the night and then return to a comfortable setting for when we awake.

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is the music—and selecting holiday music from Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, or iTunes is a snap.  Be it in one room or all of them, the holiday tunes can play in a flash with the press of a button on our Control4 touch screen or from our smartphone or tablet.

It’s also nice that our visitors can watch their televisions without hassle. One remote controls everything. All they need to know is to press one button. From there, they can navigate quickly and easily—flipping through channels on the satellite and cable, or cuing up a movie instantly. Entertaining in a smart home with Control4 is fun and easy. It’s not a frustrating experience for anyone.  The festive atmosphere abounds, everyone is having fun and the technology works in the background to enhance our holiday experience.

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