Lightning Causes Havoc Everywhere

Lightning Causes Havoc Everywhere


Lightning is a fascinating part of Mother Nature, but it can also severely damage home electronics, crippling our lives. It can affect some components in a system but not others. It seemingly always attacks at the most inconvenient times; like when you are out of town or expecting guests. When it comes to home protection against lightning strikes, your best strategy isn’t to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Insurance companies estimate losses caused by lightning in the billions of dollars each year. You can protect your home against direct or indirect lightning strikes by understanding the dangers and taking precautions.

You may feel there is no way to avoid it, or is there?

Fortunately, you can dramatically decrease your chances of suffering this damage by integrating a few surge suppression products which could save you a bundle of money and aggravation.

Can wireless devices be affected by lightning?

Yes, many wireless devices communicate over the internet, so if your modem or router (which are wired) get hit, then all wireless devices which rely on WiFi go down as well.

What are a few other devices that we depend on that could be hit?

– Gates
– Outdoor lighting
– Surveillance cameras
– Pool pump and controls
– Home automation system
– The entire breaker panel can even be disabled by a strike

Flooding and water damage are other challenges Mother Nature can throw your way.

We have a few solutions to keep your mind at ease about these issues too. Dam-It automated water cut-offs and sensors, which alert you once they detect moisture, are among those available.
Don’t leave your home unprotected when inclement weather is on the horizon. Schedule your free consultation today to ensure your most valuable investments are safeguarded. Don’t be afraid to leave the house unattended if inclement weather is on the horizon; schedule your free consultation today and we will set your mind at ease.

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