Outdoor Music Will Change Your Mood Instantly!

Sonance Landscape Series uses strategically placed “satellite” outdoor speakers hidden within garden beds or in amongst the foliage of trees. A subwoofer enclosure is then buried underground or within shrubs, with just an earth-colored hood dispersing sound perfectly. It’s all about blending perfectly into your surroundings. Your result will be a garden that will immerse you and your guests in high quality sound, always at the perfect volume, no matter where they are, or what they are doing; and because the speakers are camouflaged, it is as if the music is coming from nowhere.

These are very different from under the eave speakers that sometimes broadcast the sound directly out to your yard. More than likely you would have to play those loudly so people in the yard or around the pool could hear the music; then the people on the deck wouldn’t be able to hear each other talk. Not to mention the problems you would cause with your neighbors for blasting your tunes.

The Sonance Landscape Speakers surround your entertaining areas. They are strategically placed to encompass your seating area, the pool area, jacuzzi,
and deck. The music does not have to be played so loud because it envelopes you and creates the perfect ambiance for entertaining and relaxing. They are
not an eye-sore because they blend into your surroundings of shrubs, rocks by the pool, or deck area.

We have enjoyed our music in our homes for years, in our cars, and we take it with us biking, hiking, and boating. So if you haven’t brought your music
outdoors, then now is the perfect time to do so. Think about where you would enjoy having your music surround you, the pool, the jacuzzi, the deck, the fire pit, the outdoor kitchen? How about all of the above? This discount is only for a limited time, and cannot be combined with our offers, or with current bids.
Call us today, to have our specialist come to your home and design a backyard system for you.

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