Sony – BRAVIA OLED – A8F/AF8 Series

Sony – BRAVIA OLED – A8F/AF8 Series

Sony – BRAVIA OLED – A8F/AF8 Series lets you sit on the sideline for the BIG GAME! Game day’s almost here – Save on top TVs and watch in style! Call Domes today to get yours!

The new AF8 series has Sony’s 4K HDR-supporting X1 Extreme processor from the A1 as well as the same acoustic surface technology, where the sound comes directly from the screen itself (yes the screen does vibrate, no it doesn’t make a difference to what you’re seeing).

The A8F follows Sony’s “One Slate” concept design which means there are no visible speakers. Unlike the A1, the new design with features a stand so the AF8 can be positioned in a wider range of locations.

Available in 55 and 65-inch sizes, the 4K HDR AF8 (as well as the sister XF90 series) supports Dolby Vision.

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