The SuperSat 3C – A Great Non-In-Ceiling Alternative for Height Channel Speakers

The SuperSat 3C – A Great Non-In-Ceiling Alternative for Height Channel Speakers

3D Array XL Soundbar and SuperSub X with SuperSat 3Cs for Front Height Channels


If you are wanting to avoid in-ceiling speakers, no worries. A SuperSat 3C speaker is a perfect solution.

Are you having trouble trying to figure out where to put speakers in your new home? Are you looking for a local company with good reviews, that you know will do a good job and be there if you need anything in years to come? Then Domes Audio Video Environments is where you need to call or come by. We are family owned and operated, and have been in business since 1980. If you are in a new home or renovating your current home, we can assist you with your wiring, speaker placement, home automation, lighting control and more.

When going into the ceiling for your speakers is not a good alternative, Domes has a great solution called SuperSat 3C from GoldenEar!  GoldenEar has explored the possibilities and has come up with an excellent, cost-effective alternative: SuperSat 3C speakers mounted up on the wall, near the ceiling, using their SuperSwivel mount, as shown in the image above. Basically, Domes will install the SuperSat 3Cs up on the front wall for front height speakers, up on the rear wall for rear height speakers, or up on the side walls in front of the listening area and behind the listening area, in any combination. Utilizing the pivoting feature of the SuperSwivel, they would be aimed downward and pointed at the listening area. They can also, if desired, actually go on the ceiling, where the simpler, smaller mounting holes may be deemed preferable. This type of installation proves to work much better than any bounce-off-the-ceiling alternative. Your final installation is a beautiful room with an incredible sounding theater system that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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