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The theater experience is only half complete without quality speakers. Bring out the full force of your movie’s effects along with the rich soul of your music collection, and enjoy fidelity like you never have before. We carry Speakers from:

Audio Components

Powerful speakers need a strong signal fed to them to optimize their output. High performance audio components decode audio from surround sound formats and send it out with proper amplification to your speakers to ensure you’re getting the best sound possible. We carry Audio Components and accessories from:

Two-Channel Audio Tools and Accessories

Do you have what you need to keep your media and components performing at their best such as turntable setup tools, vinyl record cleaning tools, and solution?  We carry Two-Channel Audio Accessories from:

Video Components

Brilliant video displays need a strong signal fed to them, and equipment to properly decode your video source to ensure you're getting the best picture possible. We carry Video Components from:

System Integration

A home control system keeps your home electronics at your command. Virtually any of today’s mobile touchscreen devices, a touch panel, iPhone and iPad, can be enabled as a smart home remote, so complete control of your home is always at your fingertips. We carry System Integration components from:


You can adjust all the switches in your home to set the mood. Or, you can hit one switch, set to multiple automated presets —and have the mood set for you. Whether you like areas of your home bright, warm or faded to perfection, Domes can install a beautiful home lighting system that can do it all for you. We carry Lighting Systems from:


When it comes to security solutions, nothing's more important than a partner you can trust.  At Domes AV, we partner with the best brands in the industry to bring you security solutions you can count on. We implement security solutions from the following vendors:


When you're outfitting your home with the latest in technology, you'll want to proudly showcase it. We carry the following brands to ensure your technology blends seamlessly and enriches your home's décor:


Can your backyard handle a party?  Let us help you take a look at your outdoor setup.  From furniture to music and video, your outdoors can become an extension of your home; allowing you to entertain guests while ensuring that your components and speakers don't detract from your landscaping.  We carry the following outdoor brands:

Connected Home

Can you imagine your home reconfigured to make your life simpler?  What if your shades were programmed to automatically rise with the sun, and your lights were set to automatically turn on as the sun sets?  What if you could control your home's entertainment and security with the touch of a button?  We work with the following brands to implement smart home technology. Visit our Showroom to explore your many options to give your home the Smarts it needs!

Finding the Right Brands for You

When you're looking for smart home or home entertainment solutions, something you're not missing these days is choice. More brands and products are appearing each and every year. The tough part is finding the perfect products that not only work beautifully together, but help you get the most out of your budget. That's where Domes AV comes in. Call us for a consultation, and we'll walk you through our recommendations. We look forward to learning more about your project!