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Smart Living with Control4

With Control4, your home's control is at your fingertips. Lighting management becomes a simple act of pressing a button on your control panel or smartphone.  With a single touch, the magic begins.  Watch as the lights dim, the shades close, and the movie begins. Control4 can access audio and video from multiple sources, all operated through a single interface. Control4 allows control of your lighting, climate, and security, whether from the comfort of your favorite chair, from work or away on a trip. Smart living becomes a way of life with Control4.

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Connecting Your Home to Your Life

Imagine waking up to music at the perfect volume, and coming home at night to a house fully lit at just the right time.  Your Control4 system can do it all.  Set it to control your home theater, dim your lights, lock your doors, arm your home’s alarm or adjust the heat or air-conditioning.  Control any of those functions from your nearest control panel, tablet or smartphone. With Control4, get the most out of your home by connecting it to your everyday life.  Turn your home into a Smart Home by customizing the conveniences you value most.  Control4 delivers stunning home control on a single platform.

Hampton Roads' Control4 Dealer

Domes AV is an authorized Control4 dealer serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Newport News, the Outer Banks and more. If you are considering adding lighting control or other smart home functions to your new or existing home, our manufacturer trained design team and programmers are ready to assist with your project. Give us a call or access the link below and let us know how we can help.

Visit Our Certified Control4 Showroom!
No appointment is necessary.

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