Explore the Remarkable Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Let Your Smart Home Manage Daylight & Privacy

Imagine sunlight streaming into your home, waking you with a gentle nudge when morning arrives. When you head to the kitchen, the opening shades reveal your beautiful backyard in Virginia Beach, VA. This scenario is made possible by motorized window treatments scheduled to open at a specific time. 

While a remarkable way to start the day, these window coverings offer much more. No more manually adjusting shades when the sun's glare makes it hard to see or your wood floors feel the effects of UV rays. No more closing every shade for privacy when darkness falls. Now, your smart home does it for you. 

A common question our clients ask after we install smart window treatments is, "Why didn't we do this sooner?" Let's explore some of the other questions commonly asked and what these window coverings offer your home in Coastal Virginia.