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Domes Audio Video Analog 2-Channel Event

Domes 2-Channel Audio Event

Event Details

Thursday, October 11th  6pm - 9pm
724 First Colonial Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Refreshments & Hors d'oeuvres
Demonstrations by Guest Speakers

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The Guest Stars...

Fred Carrico
Totem Acoustic Speakers

Jason Harris
Klipsch Speakers

Patrick Gaffney
Mark Levinson / Revel / JBL

Ben Newhall
MoFi / Primare / Isotek / Dr. Feickert

Mick Tillman
Dynaudio Speakers

Here's What to Expect...



Mobile Fidelity, Dr. Feickert, Pro-Ject, and EAT to name a few.  All stars in their own right.  Come see & hear which one is the one for you.


Vinyl Records

Those Black Discs that got you dancing at the Prom and through all of the trials & tribulations are BACK!!  Hear the latest from Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs!



McIntosh, Primare, Mark Levinson, and Rogue Audio for starters.  All are embedded in the history of 2-Channel.  Let one of these babies send you to Audio Nirvana.



Totem, Klipsch, Revel, JBL, and Dynaudio.  Let your ears take you on a trip down memory lane when you hear your favorite recording on a pair of these jewels.