Automated Shades

Your home's shading controlled with a single touch

Your Shades, Automated

Today's technology allows you to integrate motorized shades in your home or office with your control system.  Our automated window treatments provide the perfect balance of privacy and lighting, and allow you to better protect your furnishings from sun damage, and manage the temperature inside.  Use your system to raise and lower your shades with a single touch.  Or, program shades throughout your home into an automated daily schedule. When the sun comes up, your shades can go up; when it sets, they can come down to protect your privacy.  And while you're away on vacation or on an extended business trip, improve security by making your home look occupied, letting it continue the normal routine, even without you there!

SI automated shades
Courtesy of Lutron
Courtesy of Lutron

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Whether in your office or home, significant energy savings are available by taking better advantage of natural light.  Schedule your shades to open or close at predetermined times, helping you to reduce heating and air conditioning usage. Sunrise and sunset, or opening and closing hours for your business, can trigger your shades to go down or up. Simplify your building’s management and save costs by controlling window coverings throughout your building from a single source.  Whatever your decor, there is a wide variety of window coverings to fit your existing design perfectly.  Talk to us today about how you might benefit from an automated shading solution!

Automated Shades Partners

Some of our partner brands used for lighting systems and automated shades:

Hampton Roads' Automated Shades Experts

Domes AV works throughout Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Newport News, the Outer Banks and more.  Are you ready for a custom automated shading proposal that takes your needs, and the possibilities of your home, into account?  Throughout Virginia and North Carolina, clients trust us to deliver quality work. Give us a call today, and learn how we can help your next project!