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Gone are the days of feeling your way through the dark with your arms full upon returning home in the evenings.
What if you could have a “pathway” of lighting to the kitchen or master bedroom turn on as you enter the garage? Or a single button for “Good Night” by the bedside that would turn off all the lights for the evening? It's all possible!  We work with smart lighting solutions to integrate lighting control in homes, replacing dimmers and switches with a single, easy user interface. Lighting control can even be integrated into existing homes with older electrical wiring. Our manufacturer trained design experts and technicians will happily work with your designer or builder to reduce the unsightly banks of light switches, and design an uncomplicated, easy-to-use system to your specifications.

Courtesy of Lutron
Courtesy of Lutron

Go Green

We don’t believe that being “green” is just a fad.  It’s possible to be environmentally conscience while simultaneously making your home cost-efficient.  Today's lighting control systems make it easier than ever to keep energy usage down.  Program lighting scenes for different times of the day, and put your lighting management on autopilot, keeping on only those lights that are needed, at the times they're needed. Lighting control systems can also help improve security with active lighting and scene changes, giving the impression that you're home, even when you're away. You and your family deserve a more secure, more comfortable, more economical home.

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Brand Spotlight: Lutron

A consistently innovating brand since 1961, Lutron powers many Domes AV automated lighting and shading solutions. What if you could take advantage of natural light in your home, automating the process of adjusting lighting and shading throughout the course of the day, while gaining the ability to make adjustments with one touch? Lutron provides the consumer-friendly technology that makes this possible. Give us a call to learn more about what Lutron solutions might be right for your home!

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Lighting Control Partners

You can adjust all the switches in your home to set the mood. Or, you can hit one switch, set to multiple automated presets —and have the mood set for you. Whether you like areas of your home bright, warm or faded to perfection, Domes can install a beautiful home lighting system that can do it all for you. We carry Lighting Systems from:

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Domes AV works throughout Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Newport News, the Outer Banks and surrounding communities.  Wondering if your home could benefit from lighting control? Throughout Virginia and North Carolina, clients trust us to deliver quality work. Give us a call today, and learn how we can help your next project!