Two-Channel Audio

What is Two-Channel Audio?

Two-Channel Audio when set-up correctly is the way the artists originally intended their audience and or listeners to hear their music. The speakers are positioned at an equal distance apart within the parameters of the room and the perfect distance from where the listener will be seated. Two channel is known as left-channel and right-channel. Adding other speakers around the room for movies is a distraction from the music tracks or albums. Those tracks are laid to engage the audience in the movie and excitement of action.

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There are different types, sizes, thickness and even color of vinyl. What do they all mean? 180 gram is the weight of the record. It is heavier than the typical vinyl and produces more detail and overall higher quality sound. Due to the thickness, it also lasts longer.

Vinyl records are one of the oldest media forms of audio. Over time the vinyl needs to be cleaned to maintain peak performance and condition. There are multiple alternatives to clean vinyl which vary in price and function.


Streaming audio came about due to the growth of convenience and our urgency to want everything immediately and wherever we are. There is a significant difference in audio quality between streaming audio and Hi-resolution audio. Recommended hi-res services include MQA, Tidal, Deezer. To read more about this check out this blog post.

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Once you purchase your new turntable, you may get home and open the box and find an assortment of parts. This can be a bit daunting but you do not need to worry about it. Domes can set up your system and then show you how to use it so that all you need to do is enjoy your new toys. We can guide you on speaker placement, automation integration, connection to audio distribution and more. We can set you up with everything you need to make your turntable setup last for generations.

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Do you have what you need to keep your media and components performing at their best such as turntable setup tools, vinyl record cleaning tools, and solution?  We carry Two-Channel Audio Accessories from:

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