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Smart Home Automation

Envision a world of luxury with effortless control of lights, music, security, video, shades and more.

Smart Home Automation

Envision a world of luxury with effortless control of lights, music, security, video, shades and more.
control4 certifed showroom
As Control4 dealers with a certified showroom, we're equipped to offer clients top-of-the-line smart home automation solutions. Control4's technology enables seamless control over various home systems like lighting, entertainment, and security. Our certified showroom provides a tangible space where clients can experience these innovations firsthand, fostering trust in our expertise. It's about delivering personalized smart home solutions that enhance comfort, convenience, and security, and being a Control4 dealer positions us at the forefront of this transformative industry.

Smart Home Technology

Flawless Command of Your Home’s Lighting, Entertainment, Climate and Security
  • Manage your luxury home with one tap from the device of your choice
  • Cultivate the ideal environment for relaxation, hosting parties or children’s homework
  • Remotely access lights, security and surveillance from around the world

Climate Control

An unrivaled Living Environment with Effortless Climate Control
  • Flawless control via mobile app, touchpad or voice commands
  • Program automatic settings based on time of day, season or room
  • Remotely adjust climate to prepare vacation homes for your arrival

Centralized Distribution

Unmatched Control of Your Technology for an unrivaled Lifestyle
  • Streamline your décor by colocating unsightly electronics and hardware
  • Maintain the beautiful interiors of your main residence, pool house and guest house
  • Effortlessly manage lights, climate and entertainment from one device

Voice Control

A Voice-Controlled Home Offers the Pinnacle of Luxury
  • Speak naturally to control music, video, lighting and climate
  • Sophisticated AI understands complex commands with ease
  • Transform smart speakers into your exclusive digital assistants

Motorized Bug Screens

Fully Retractable Insect Screens from Renson Keep Bugs Out without Hindering Outdoor Views
  • Four-sided seal system keeps out insects as small as pesty No-See-Ums
  • Custom-designed for verandas, garage doors, awnings, patios and more
  • Choose from various high-quality materials, colors and openness factors

Pool & Spa Control

Take the Work Out of Pool Maintenance with Intuitive Controls and Automation
  • Automate functions such as sanitization, cleaning, pH balance and filtration
  • Control pool lights, water features, temperature and more with an app or voice command
  • Integrate with outdoor lighting and A/V to set the scene for a pool party with ease

Embrace the Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle

Want a curated technology solution to match your lifestyle? Let us craft a smart home automation system that brings striking efficiency, beauty and comfort to your properties.