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The Benchmark of Lighting Control

Lutron is the leading provider of perfectly tailored lighting and shade solutions for any size home or business.

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Total Home Control


Experience the pinnacle of intelligent lighting solutions with comprehensive control of an unlimited number of integrated devices and fixtures from your mobile device or discrete wired and wireless keypads and switches that complement your home’s décor.
Get Started with HomeWorks
  • Keypads
    Control and elegance collide with beautifully designed wired and wireless architectural keypads offered in a variety of faceplates, colors, finishes and engraving options.
  • Dimmers & Switchers
    Personalize your lighting with sleek, wall-mounted wired and wireless controls that replace standard switches for tailored convenience.
  • Window Treatments
    Manage daylight and privacy with your choice of automated shades, blinds and drapes that adjust at your command while enhancing your décor.
  • Temperature Control
    Adjust and automate the temperature throughout your home with Lutron’s intuitive thermostats, keypads, sensors or Home Control+ app.
  • Dimming Panel
    Eliminate the need for local dimmers and switches in each room of your home with remote dimming panels that power multiple lighting zones.
  • Sensors
    Celebrate energy efficiency with wall- and ceiling-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensors that activate lighting in any space only when it’s needed.
    Experience Natural Light For Better Living


    Our bodies are tuned to the color and brightness of the sun throughout the day. Ketra’s full spectrum, tunable lighting solutions mimic the sun’s brightness and color temperature resulting in improved health, wellness and home aesthetics.
    See and Feel the Difference

    Ketra Effortlessly Integrates with HomeWorks QS

    Through the power of Lutron’s luxury HomeWorks QS control system, intuitively program dynamic lighting scenes with Ketra tunable fixtures that integrate with the rest of your smart home devices from one platform.
    Revolutionazing Shade Control


    Lutron's Palladiom stands out as a groundbreaking product with its completely wireless, battery-powered design. Boasting premium fabrics and exquisite finishes, these shades aren't just functional—they're a statement piece.
    Where Design Meets Sophistication

    Palladiom Shading System

    Experience design freedom with the Lutron premier, wire-free shading system
    Dive into the world of Palladiom—a blend of luxury fabrics, wireless convenience, and a myriad of finishes. Experience shades that exude sophistication, making every room they grace a testament to style and innovation.
    • Palladiom Wire-free system

      Battery-Driven Shade

      Palladiom's battery-powered shades promise untethered elegance. Experience freedom in design and operation, ensuring a seamless blend with your interiors.
    • Palladiom Wired Shade

      Wired Shades

      Wired motorized shades offer a reliable and consistent power source, integrating seamlessly into your home’s electrical system, providing control over your indoor lighting and privacy with just the touch of a button.
    • Palladiom keypad

      Control Panels

      Our Palladiom keypads elevate the user experience. Crafted meticulously, they offer a seamless interface that's as visually appealing as it's functional.


      Luxurious in design and intuitive in operation, Palladiom keypads add distinct character to your spaces with flush buttons and faceplates made of consistent material for a clean and minimalistic look. Choose from several colors, finishes and configurations, and custom-engrave your buttons for personalized lighting and shading control.


        • End Bracket

          Ideal for mounting on or above a window frame, each Palladiom end bracket showcases a hand-polished aluminum surface of your choosing. Palladiom brackets are machined into a sleek, unibody structure and slide open to reveal programming buttons and indicator LEDs.
        • Center Bracket

          The Palladiom center bracket supports two adjacent shades on a single bracket for a clean aesthetic that maintains a minimal one-inch light gap. Palladiom brackets are as strong as they are beautiful, with the ability to handle a window shade as large as 12 by 12 feet.
        • Jamb Bracket

          The jamb bracket sits perfectly inside a window frame rather than mounted to the top of a window frame. This circular bracket extends your Palladiom shading tube into the interior walls of the window frame to make your shades look as though they are magically floating in midair.
        • Hem Bar

          The bottom rail of Palladiom shades comes in various aluminum finishes and can also be fabric-wrapped. Raise your shades and watch as the hembar perfectly disappears behind the roll. Operation is simple and synchronized, with hembar alignment within one-eighth of an inch when in motion and at rest.