Ambisonic Systems mean obsession. Obsession with thoughtful design. Obsession with utterly faithful audio reproduction. Obsession with the finest components. But, more than all of those, an obsession with the hidden nature of sound. Available worldwide to professional home technology integration firms, they produce astonishing loudspeakers for extraordinary listeners. Exclusive high-frequency ribbon drivers and Italian-made woofers showcase an authentic mastery of speaker engineering, honed by decades spent designing high-endurance professional loudspeakers and installations. These designs will speak to you in a way few can, with absolute truth in beautiful volumes.

Ambisonic Systems are singular in their quality. Both robust enough for professional application but sufficiently petite and abundantly musical for home use, their systems have their cake and eat it too. To achieve that feat, a trained technician must install our products. As a result, they have made their loudspeakers available through select professional audio-video integrators only. The best deserves the best. Are you ready for a demo? We’ll bring the speakers to your back yard for an extraordinary experience.

Contact Our Team Directly

724 First Colonial Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
DCJS# 11-15470
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