We love Sonos. They seem to have the right product for most applications… from small room speakers, to surround sound systems, in-ceiling, portable and outdoor sound. And it’s all popularly priced and performs wonderfully. We regularly mix in Sonos music players and amplifiers with built-in speakers by Sonance (in collaboration with Sonos) when hidden sound is preferred. From the customer’s standpoint, their easy to use music app simplifies streaming music from a wide range of services.

Let’s talk a bit more about the sound. Every product meets a very high standard of sound quality, and often defines the best sound you can get in their price ranges. That’s because they are serious about sound engineering. They make the right decisions using proven technology found in products sold at much higher prices. We know – we compare and test Sonos regularly. It’s rare that they can be ‘beat’ in their category. In stock, on display and ready to win you over – today, at DomesAV.

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