March 29, 2023

Why Your Home Needs a Professional Security Camera System

Keep Your Home Safe with the Best Security Solutions

Many homeowners will agree that security is an important feature to include in any home, especially technologies like security cameras and video doorbells that keep an eye on their homes when they can’t. However, not all security solutions are made the same. 

Creating a security system on your own may seem easy, and it might provide some layer of security, but it likely won’t give the desired results. By working with a professional technology company like Domes Audio Video Environments, you’ll receive a premium security camera system and complete peace of mind that your home is safe. Keep reading to see why your Virginia Beach, VA, home needs a professional surveillance camera system.

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Technology from Leading Brands

You can walk into many technology retailers and find security cameras. They’ll probably perform basic functions like recording video footage that you can watch and review later. They might even alert you to movement or suspicious activity. However, they may not provide the advanced analytics and alerts to give you total peace of mind.

A home automation company like Domes Audio Video can connect you with some of the best brands in security. They can install cameras that have AI capabilities to differentiate suspicious and normal activity, the ability to watch the camera feed in real time, and a built-in capability to alert you if something seems off. Plus, with a professional installation, your cameras can be wired into your home network, ensuring you always have a seamless connection and your cameras will never need to charge or have a battery replaced.

Total Security

Installing security cameras isn’t as simple as it seems. Each camera’s range must be considered to ensure that as little of your property is in a blind spot as possible. Professional companies have the technical expertise to strategically place cameras around your home so that your entire property is covered.

Security Beyond Cameras

With a smart home system like Control4, you can integrate your cameras into one control dashboard. This allows you to easily view footage from every camera to keep your home safe. Plus, Control4 can integrate your cameras with other security technologies, such as smart locks, garage doors, and alarms. You’ll be able to manage your entire home security system from one place. 

You don’t even need to be home to control home security. With the Control4 app, you can quickly see the status of your home security and adjust it if needed. Forget to lock the front door? No problem—just tap the front door lock icon and it’ll lock. Want to check your video cameras? Just head to the Control4 app! You’ll get alerts if your integrated security system detects something suspicious. 

Give your Virginia Beach, VA home the best security possible with a professional security camera system. Domes Audio Video works with leading security and home automation companies to bring unrivaled solutions to your home. Contact us today to learn more and get started securing your home!

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