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How to Stream 4K (Without Buffering) in Your Home Theater

How to Stream 4K (Without Buffering) in Your Home Theater

Home Media Systems: More Convenient & Reliable Than Streaming 

Let’s say on a whim, you’re in the mood to watch Sixteen Candles. Or maybe you want to finally check out Dune. You check Netflix, then Hulu—the movie isn’t there. Wasn’t it there before? You could pay to rent it or sign up for a new service subscription. But that’s a hassle… 

And let’s say one of your favorite movies leaves streaming services. You love it, so you really should own it, but it’s been so long since you’ve bought a DVD or Blu-ray. 

Streaming or purchasing a Blu-ray DVD may seem like your only option, but there’s a third choice: using a home media system. Movie players like Kaleidescape store digital collections of movies that will never go away and don’t rely on Wi-Fi to stream.  

Learn how to make the most of your home theater system in Virginia Beach and the Coastal Virginia area with a home media player—the best way to instantly enjoy and store movies.

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