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How to Stream 4K (Without Buffering) in Your Home Theater

How to Stream 4K (Without Buffering) in Your Home Theater

Home Media Systems: More Convenient & Reliable Than Streaming 

Let’s say on a whim, you’re in the mood to watch Sixteen Candles. Or maybe you want to finally check out Dune. You check Netflix, then Hulu—the movie isn’t there. Wasn’t it there before? You could pay to rent it or sign up for a new service subscription. But that’s a hassle… 

And let’s say one of your favorite movies leaves streaming services. You love it, so you really should own it, but it’s been so long since you’ve bought a DVD or Blu-ray. 

Streaming or purchasing a Blu-ray DVD may seem like your only option, but there’s a third choice: using a home media system. Movie players like Kaleidescape store digital collections of movies that will never go away and don’t rely on Wi-Fi to stream.  

Learn how to make the most of your home theater system in Virginia Beach and the Coastal Virginia area with a home media player—the best way to instantly enjoy and store movies.

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What Is Kaleidescape? 

Kaleidescape is a server that stores movies you’ve purchased. Unlike streaming services, these movies will be available forever in your library (unless you decide to delete them.) Kaleidescape’s online store offers thousands of titles in 4K and Dolby Atmos audio formats, so you can enjoy dazzling visuals and rich audio in your home theater. Your movies are ready to select and play at any time, and don’t need the internet to play.  

Kaleidescape servers can store between 400 and 1,200 4K films, depending on the storage capacity you purchase. You’ll enjoy Blu-ray quality without worrying about your Wi-Fi lagging and causing blurry visuals or buffering. 

How It Works: Movie Player & Server 

A Kaleidescape movie system uses two components: the Strato C movie player and Terra server. Movies are downloaded onto the server and then played back on the Strato movie players. Once movies are downloaded, you’ll have 4K Blu-ray quality files at your fingertips anytime.

When integrated into a distributed AV system, you can access your Kaleidescape movies on any TV, in any room, even at your other properties. Many people use Kaleidescape on their boats and yachts to watch movies, too! 

Purchasing Movies with Kaleidescape 

When you turn on your TV and the Strato S movie player, you’ll see an onscreen display of the Kaleidescape movie store. It looks a lot like the movie streaming sites you already use, where you can scroll through movie options in 4K, UHD, and Dolby Atmos formats. You can even filter movies by their Rotten Tomatoes score! Plus, Kaleidescape receives new movies that are still in theaters, ready to purchase and watch in the comfort of your home theater. 

Discover Kaleidescape & Home Theater Systems in Virginia Beach 

Are you ready to take your movie nights to the next level? Want to recreate the magic of the movies in your own home? Domes Audio Video designs and installs luxury home theater systems, handling everything from in-wall audio to lighting and setting up your Kaleidescape system. 

Contact us here to learn more and get started with your home theater today!

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