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Are My Landscape Speakers Safe to Keep Outdoors Year-Round?

Are My Landscape Speakers Safe to Keep Outdoors Year-Round?

Tips for Long-Lasting Outdoor Audio 

Do you love the idea of enjoying high-fidelity audio in your Virginia Beach yard—but worry about speaker equipment breaking down in the weather? 

Many homeowners are fearful that if they invest in outdoor landscape speakers, they’ll malfunction in the rain, heat, or cold. But with the right equipment and plans to take care of your investment, you can enjoy high-quality sound outdoors for years and even decades. 

Coastal Source: Built to Defy the Elements 

If there’s one outdoor audio brand to know, especially here on the Virginia coast, it’s Coastal Source. Its outdoor speakers are built in a variety of sizes and models and can be installed flush to your house, on surfaces, or partially buried in-ground. 

What makes Coastal Source reputable is its audio quality and durability. Coastal Source is an outdoor technology company only—not an indoor audio brand that’s branching out. Its trademarked Defy the Elements™ design includes an environmental grille and sealed corrosion that protect speakers through rain, snow, moisture, heat, and cold. The speaker’s exterior is manufactured to combat corrosion, UV, and thermal damage, so even in direct sunlight, your Coastal Source speakers are protected. 

Coastal Source takes its durability so seriously that it offers a five-year warranty and will repair or replace any part that doesn’t perform to standard. Thankfully, Coastal Source equipment is designed to perform for years and years to come.

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Waterproof Connectors 

Beyond the actual speakers, Coastal Source’s wiring connector system is also protected against water and weather. Its connectors are rated IP68, which means it has complete protection against dust and can be continually immersed underwater. So, even if your backyard is completely flooded, Plug+Play connectors will still function. 

Anti-Theft Guard 

What if it’s not just the weather you’re worried about? If you’re concerned someone could steal your valuable outdoor speakers, Coastal Source speakers include an optional Theft Guard that’s buried underground with the stainless steel spike. The guard makes it extremely difficult for anyone to pull a speaker out of the ground, much like screw anchors in a wall. 

Tips to Make Outdoor Audio Last Even Longer 

If you want to make your Coastal Source outdoor speakers perform as long as possible, there are some things you can do to extend their lifespan. 

While Coastal Source outdoor audio is the clearest, best-performing on the market, the speakers aren't designed to run at 100 percent volume nonstop. If you want to play outdoor speakers for extended periods, we recommend setting the volume to 75 or 80 percent. 

And while their speakers are fully sealed against dust and debris, if you notice dirt accumulating on the speaker grille, take care to remove it. Any obstruction can hinder audio quality, so routinely check on your outdoor speakers and clean them with a damp cloth, water, or a mild detergent if they appear dirty. 

Where to Find Coastal Source in Virginia Beach 

Coastal Source speakers are only available through certified dealers. And in Virginia Beach and the Coastal Virginia area, that’s Domes Audio Video Environments! Contact us here to learn more about our outdoor audio installations and to get started today.  

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