August 4, 2023

Let Your Smart Home Create a Relaxing Environment

Explore the Many Luxuries a Smart Home Company Brings

Are you planning a summer vacation, or have you recently returned from one? Did it leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the world, or at least tackle a few of the tasks you’ve been putting off indefinitely?

What if your home could help you feel relaxed and refreshed every day? What if, at the touch of a button, a sense of tranquility enveloped you? What if it prepared the perfect environment when you wake, leave for the day, and return? What if? 

As a smart home company serving Chesapeake, VA, for over 43 years, Domes Audio Video understands the nearly limitless possibilities in home automation and the systems that genuinely transform one’s life. We take our time to ensure you know the options, and then, together, we explore the best-integrated approach to create your vision and stay within your budget. 

Let’s explore a few of our clients’ favorite smart home features and how they make life a little easier and a lot more relaxing.

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Let Music Relax You

After a rather intense meeting, you return home and press the 'Relax' button on the wall keypad inside your home. Immediately, your favorite relaxing music streams over high-fidelity in-ceiling speakers. At the same time, the lighting changes to soft colors that remind you of your vacation on the island of Crete. 

As you grab a glass of wine and head out to the patio, the music follows you, drifting through your outdoor area via nearly invisible landscape speakers. This same audio system lets you enjoy detailed surround sound when it’s movie night and can also connect to your outdoor TV.

Enjoy a Spa Day

While an entire spa day may not be in your cards, a few hours to relax and dream can do wonders to soothe aching shoulders and relax overactive minds. We can program a ‘Spa Day’ button that sets the perfect atmosphere. 

The lighting in your bathroom transforms into a soft velvet hue, the shades lower, and the ambient nature sounds fill the room. The heated towel racks start up, and the water preheats. If you’d prefer to relax outdoors, we can program the same button to preheat the spa, start the jets, turn on the landscape lights, and start the outdoor sound system. 

Would you like to change the lighting or the music? Tell your voice assistant, and it's done. 

Sharing a Movie with the Family

Before dinner, you press a button that creates the atmosphere of a candlelit dinner with soft music in the background. After dinner, you press the ‘Movie Night’ button, and you and your family settle in to watch the latest blockbuster while the lights dim, the shades lower, and the TV turns on. 

Thanks to your whole-home AV system, you enjoy the unrivaled experience of watching movies in 4K ultra-high-definition and a 3D sound system in any room.

And that’s an ever-so-small introduction to the incredible possibilities in smart home living. Are you ready to explore the nearly limitless options? To learn more about smart home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Domes Audio Video today. 

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