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5 Reasons to Install Motorized Shades

5 Reasons to Install Motorized Shades

Embrace Beauty and Control With Stylish Smart Shades

Smart home technology makes total home management and control more accessible, alleviating stress and streamlining simple tasks. Motorized shades are one of the most popular smart home solutions because of the way they combine functionality and beauty. Not only do they stylishly add breathtaking natural light to your living spaces, but they also bring energy efficiency and security. 

Check out five reasons you should consider adding automated window treatments to your home in the Chesapeake, VA, area in our blog below!

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1. Convenient, Remote Control

Motorized shades are manageable via several control options, so you’re not forced to walk from room to room to raise and lower window treatments throughout the day. You can easily adjust settings no matter where you’re located - even if you’re not at home. Whether it’s a custom-etched wall keypad, a smart remote, or a voice command, you have the power of natural lighting at your fingertips. 

2. Increased Security

Motorized shades can also improve your home’s security. If it looks like no one is at home, your property becomes a bigger target for break-ins and vandalism. Instead, program your window treatments to open and close throughout the day at seemingly random times to discourage opportunistic criminals.

3. Conserve Energy

Imagine decreasing your carbon footprint and saving money on your utilities. With motorized shades, it’s possible. Incorporate temperature sensors on windows, wirelessly informing shades whenever the room has become too warm or too cool. Shades raise or lower on their own, limiting the amount of heat gain or loss, and your HVAC unit doesn’t have to compensate.

4. Protect Your Furniture and Art

The sun’s UV rays can be extremely harmful to furnishings and artwork. The rays will fade fabrics and decrease the beauty they offer to your design motif. Customizable fabric materials reduce glare and filter those harmful rays so that you can protect all of your belongings.

5. Automate Your Routine

While motorized blinds, drapes, and shades give you multiple points of control, you don’t need to lift a finger for them to open and close. You can automate them using your home automation platform or Lutron’s HomeWorks to operate on a preset schedule. Wake up more naturally with soft filtered sunrays in the morning, and add much-needed privacy to your living spaces once the sun goes down. With automation, daily routines become a breeze.

Your Motorized Shading Expert

Are you ready to experience the style, convenience, and protection of motorized shades? Contact Domes Audio Video Environments to start a conversation about what’s possible in your home! You’ll be able to add the convenience and control of the luxury lifestyle you deserve with automated window treatments and our team’s assistance.

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