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Bring Your Home to Life with Whole-Home Audio

Bring Your Home to Life with Whole-Home Audio

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes Whenever and Wherever You Want

Audio plays an important role in our everyday lives. Many people listen to music at different times throughout the day while doing anything from getting ready after waking up, cooking, and cleaning to working out and relaxing. Now imagine being able to listen to music whenever you want without having to track down your portable speaker or headphones. With whole-home audio, you can do exactly that in your Suffolk, VA, home.

A whole-home audio system integrates a series of speakers to carry audio throughout your entire home. So, when you want to listen to your favorite artist, all you need to do is select the song and the room you’d like to listen in. Keep reading to learn more about home audio systems!

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Discreet Speakers

In a whole-home sound system, every room you want to be included will be equipped with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. These speakers will be installed directly into your wall or ceiling, with grates that can be painted or plastered to match your wall color. This way, they’ll blend right into your surroundings so that they can deliver a big sound without compromising your interior design.

Plus, these in-wall or in-ceiling speakers are great for creating distributed audio. They’ll cover an even amount of space, delivering sound to every corner of a room. With distributed sound, you’ll be able to clearly hear your music throughout the space without having to blast the volume.

Listen Anywhere at Any Time

With speakers throughout your home, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music at just the touch of a button, enabling you to enjoy your tunes in the kitchen, your bedroom, or anywhere you want. Play the same music throughout your entire home, or select one or a few rooms in which to enjoy. You can even create listening zones, so different family members can play their music in different sections of the house. 

Stream from Favorite Platforms

When you connect your home audio system to a smart home control platform such as Control4, you can listen to music from any major streaming platform, including your favorite playlists on Tidal, Deezer, or Qobuz. You can also listen to radio stations on platforms like SiriusXM and iHeartRadio. No matter how you prefer your music, you can access it easily from your control dashboard and choose which room or rooms you want it to play in. Soon, your space will fill with delightful audio.

Do you want to liven up your Suffolk, VA, home with whole-home audio? Contact Domes Audio Video Environments today! Our team can bring distributed audio to your home so that you can listen to your favorite entertainment with just the touch of a button. 

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