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4 Components of a Smart Home Security System

4 Components of a Smart Home Security System

Protect Your Home and Family with a Comprehensive Security System

As technology has advanced, so have the ways to protect your Chesapeake, VA home. From cameras to smart locks, smart security solutions will give you the peace of mind you need, knowing your home is always safe and sound. But the best security is provided by an integrated Control4 smart home security system that combines your security devices into one seamless system, giving you complete control of your home’s safety. Keep reading to learn all the components of a home security system and discover why they work better together.

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1. Security Cameras

With a busy schedule trying to balance all your responsibilities, it’s impossible to keep constant watch over your home. That’s why you should consider installing surveillance cameras to do it for you. Your cameras will keep a continuous eye on your home, ensuring it remains safe all day, every day. You’ll be able to tune into your cameras and watch the live video feed any time you want from any location, plus access old footage as needed. 

2. Access Control

You want to make it easy for approved persons to enter your home while barring trespassers. Enter access control. Access control makes it easy to see who comes and goes throughout your home while ensuring it remains secure. Members of your household can have a PIN that lets them in, and house sitters or dog walkers can be granted temporary access. You can easily control access permissions on the app for constantly up-to-date security.

3. Smart Locks and Sensors

Ever forget to lock your door or garage while leaving? With smart locks and sensors, you’ll always be able to manage the locks on your entryways. The sensors will communicate to your alarm or home automation platform, so you can quickly and remotely check if the doors, windows, garages, or gates are locked. Plus, you can lock or unlock them right from your smartphone device!

4. Alarm System

Smart security systems work on their own, but they work even better together. By installing an system in your home, you can turn all your security devices into one integrated system. From the same platform, you’ll be able to lock your doors, view your security camera footage, and manage your access control. Plus, you’ll get instant notifications if the system detects suspicious activity. 

You’ll also be able to quickly review the alert and decide whether you need to arm your home and contact the authorities or can safely dismiss it. It’ll provide a comprehensive update on your home’s security with just a glance, so you have peace of mind that your home is protected.

Are you ready to enhance the security of your Chesapeake, VA home? Contact Domes Audio Video Environments! We’ll provide the individual security solutions you need and integrate them into one easy-to-use Control4 system. Reach out today to embrace the luxury of a truly secure home.

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