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Create an After-Dark Outdoor Oasis with Lighting

Create an After-Dark Outdoor Oasis with Lighting

Add Flair to Your Outdoor Spaces with Light

Many homeowners invest significantly in their outdoor environment. From beautiful landscaping and ornamental trees to patios, outdoor kitchens, and pools in the backyard, your home’s outdoor space is a reflection of your taste and lifestyle. But what happens at night? Does all your home’s beauty go unnoticed? 

Outdoor lighting can paint a beautiful portrait of your property after dark. You can showcase your home's beauty in the front and the back and create your own oasis to enjoy long after sunset. Read on to see how you can beautify your Virginia Beach, VA home with outdoor and landscape lighting.

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Pools and Water Features

The way light can play with water creates dramatic effects. Underwater lighting in pools and fountains shimmer at night, lending a beautiful glow to your outdoor activities. You can go even further with LED color lighting, adding a color theme to your parties and gatherings. Whether it's a pool, fountain, or a little stream in your landscape, lighting will make it more dramatic and noticeable at night to create a different perspective. 

Downlights and Uplights

Virginia is blessed with great trees. If you have them, show them off! Uplights at the base of trees create a beautiful effect in the night sky while adding subtle illumination. An alternative is to install downlights in trees to mimic moonlight, and they can also add vital illumination in a dark yard. A wash light can highlight a unique architectural feature on your house, like an arch or stone wall. If you have an interesting sculpture, you can uplight it or create an interesting shadow of it at night. 

Add Safety with Aesthetics

Lighting can illuminate steps, walkways, and paths. Highlight a stone path with stake-mounted lights in the adjacent landscape for indirect illumination. Step lights can be embedded in the stairs, in walls, or rails alongside the stair for beauty and safety after dark. 

Manage It All with Lighting Control and Automation

Outdoor lighting need not be complicated to manage—you can separate it into zones for individual control over different areas. With a lighting control system, you can make operating lights effortless. Essential outdoor lighting for safety, like driveway and path lights, can be programmed to go on at sunset and off at sunrise. Aesthetic landscape and water feature lighting can have their own schedule. 

You can also program scenes with specific lighting combinations for entertaining, holidays, summer nights, relaxing by a fire pit, and more. Do it with programmable keypads inside your home, a home automation touchscreen controller, or an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Are you ready to create your custom outdoor oasis with lighting? Contact us here or click the chat box below to connect with one of our experts quickly. We look forward to working with you!

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