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Enjoy the Immersive Cinematic Experience at Home

Enjoy the Immersive Cinematic Experience at Home

Today’s Home Theater Design Delivers Lifelike Images and 3D Surround Sound

Movies move us in ways few media can, taking us to places we’ve never been and putting us in the inner world of heroes and villains. They inspire us and overwhelm us with emotions. 

Media like this deserves a special place in your home in Virginia Beach, VA, and a home cinema delivers. With the right home theater design, you can enjoy the immersive cinematic experience that transports you to another world, leaving you spellbound for those few hours. 

Let’s explore the few essential elements required for this level of immersion.

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The Entrance

Like any good book or movie, it’s the introduction that draws us in. When you open the doors to your home theater, we want you to feel a keen sense of anticipation. 

At Domes Audio Video, no two of our home theater designs and installations are the same. After all, every homeowner has a unique vision and different ideas of how they want to use this entertainment space. Some envision starlit ceilings, tiered custom-recliners, elegant draperies, and old-world wall sconces. Others see LED lights providing lighting from a hidden source that changes colors with the tap of a button and chaise lounges.

Whatever you dream, opening your doors should take you there. 

The Optimum Image

One of the key elements in an immersive home theater experience is the ability to suspend one’s sense of reality, leaving your chair behind and heading to the plains of Africa or the breathtaking underwater caves of the Yucatan. To accomplish this, your field of vision must be fully occupied. 

We start with the seating, ensuring the proper riser depth and heights, and sightlines that provide the optimum viewing. This helps determine your screen size and placement, ensuring that all-important immersion. 

Today’s screens are optimized for the level of ambient lighting, the distance from the projector, and even acoustic transparency. The latest 4K HDR native laser projectors bring lifelike images that pop off the screen in brilliant colors, contrast, and rich detail.

The 3D Sound Field

While a lifelike image is critical in an immersive experience, the audio delivers emotional impact, energy, and engagement. Today's standard in an optimized home theater is Dolby Atmos surround sound. This object-based 3D sound system allows sound engineers to treat audio as an object, placing it within a 3D sphere. This creates an unmatched level of realism and an immersive audio experience

This spatial sound experience draws you into the images on the screen. You feel as if you’re walking along a stunning Greek island as the waves wash up and the wind blows around you. You hear the helicopter hover overhead and the seagull's cry behind you. 

The Unrivaled Cinematic Experience

We’ll also consider the room acoustics, lighting, and architectural elements, ultimately exceeding your expectations and realizing the unrivaled cinematic experience. 

At Domes Audio Video, we partner with industry leaders in home entertainment, ensuring our clients the best home theater performance. With over 40 years of experience, you’re assured of a home theater that leaves you breathless. To learn more about home theater design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Domes Audio Video today.

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