Landscape Lighting: Combining Artistry with Modern Innovation

Crafting Nighttime Vistas in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, with its pristine shores and vibrant community, is a gem on the East Coast. As the sun sets, casting a golden hue over the waters, the potential of landscape lighting emerges, transforming homes into radiant showcases. This isn't just about lighting up a driveway or accentuating a garden. It's about encapsulating the coastal elegance of Virginia Beach. Step with us into the world of landscape lighting, where artistic vision combines with cutting-edge technology to redefine nighttime aesthetics.


Modern Home Theater Design Trends

Enhance Your Chesapeake Home Cinema Experience With Creative Design Trends

A home theater doesn’t have to be just about watching a film; its design can also help you have an immersive and entertaining experience. But how do you transform your basic home theater or media room into such an engaging escape? Let’s look at some modern home theater design trends!


What Does a Professional Audio Video Installation Entail?

The Top Features of an AV Setup for Your Home

Want to enjoy your favorite media at its best? You can experience your movies and music in a brand-new way with a professional audio-video installation in your own home. With an upgraded AV system across your Virginia Beach, VA property, you can elevate your home entertainment and transform the experience every time you press play.

Want to learn more about what a professional installation and setup entail? Keep reading for the top benefits of a proper AV system and its many features and solutions.


Let Your Smart Home Create a Relaxing Environment

Explore the Many Luxuries a Smart Home Company Brings

Are you planning a summer vacation, or have you recently returned from one? Did it leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the world, or at least tackle a few of the tasks you’ve been putting off indefinitely?

What if your home could help you feel relaxed and refreshed every day? What if, at the touch of a button, a sense of tranquility enveloped you? What if it prepared the perfect environment when you wake, leave for the day, and return? What if? 

As a smart home company serving Chesapeake, VA, for over 43 years, Domes Audio Video understands the nearly limitless possibilities in home automation and the systems that genuinely transform one’s life. We take our time to ensure you know the options, and then, together, we explore the best-integrated approach to create your vision and stay within your budget. 

Let’s explore a few of our clients’ favorite smart home features and how they make life a little easier and a lot more relaxing.


Embrace the Outdoors with Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron

Best-in-Class Motorized Patio Shades for Your Luxury Virginia Beach Home

At Domes Audio Video Environments, we help turn your home into a luxury oasis using technology that promotes comfort, convenience, and style. As summer wears on in Virginia Beach, VA, now is the time to consider how your outdoor living areas, specifically your patio, could be improved. The solution lies in Oasis Patio Shades, driven by Lutron, designed to offer the perfect balance of luxury, utility, and aesthetics.

Continue reading to learn more about these game-changing motorized patio shades.


Trusted Home Networking Services Ensure Your Smart Home Runs Smoothly

Check Out Why a Robust Home Network Is Essential

Smart home automation can elevate our daily lives and streamline your routine with ease. But at the core of this advanced technology is the smart home network—your smart home’s central hub that seamlessly connects and controls all your smart devices and systems.

From enhanced security and energy savings to customized automation and effortless control, the advantages of a robust smart home network are limitless. Keep reading below to uncover the potential of this innovative technology for your Virginia Beach, VA home. Discover how our trusted home networking services can elevate your everyday life, providing comfort, convenience, and control like never before!


4 Components of a Smart Home Security System

Protect Your Home and Family with a Comprehensive Security System

As technology has advanced, so have the ways to protect your Chesapeake, VA home. From cameras to smart locks, smart security solutions will give you the peace of mind you need, knowing your home is always safe and sound. But the best security is provided by an integrated Control4 smart home security system that combines your security devices into one seamless system, giving you complete control of your home’s safety. Keep reading to learn all the components of a home security system and discover why they work better together.


Enjoy the Immersive Cinematic Experience at Home

Today’s Home Theater Design Delivers Lifelike Images and 3D Surround Sound

Movies move us in ways few media can, taking us to places we’ve never been and putting us in the inner world of heroes and villains. They inspire us and overwhelm us with emotions. 

Media like this deserves a special place in your home in Virginia Beach, VA, and a home cinema delivers. With the right home theater design, you can enjoy the immersive cinematic experience that transports you to another world, leaving you spellbound for those few hours. 

Let’s explore the few essential elements required for this level of immersion.


Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting Provides Beauty and Versatility

Explore the Latest Lighting Control System

Your home is your sanctuary, where you relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and rejuvenate. To help you elevate this peace and tranquility, our team at Domes Audio Video integrates the latest technology that’s easy to use and enhances your daily life.

Today’s lighting control is one such technology. Gone are the light switches, and in their place are beautiful touchscreens and custom-engraved keypads. No longer limited to soft or bright white light, you have access to all the colors in the visible light spectrum—millions of shades and hues. 

And it gets even better. In 2022, Control4, our home automation partner, came out with their Vibrant Linear Lighting system. Not only do you experience effortless control, but also light from an unseen source that’s inexplicably beautiful, elevating the environment and enhancing your family’s well-being.

Let’s explore the possibilities and how to upgrade your home’s lighting system in Virginia Beach, VA, with Vibrant Linear Lighting.


Discover the Two-Channel Audio Difference

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with Premium Audio

After a long day of work, raising a family, and taking care of the home, you deserve to wind down with some premium home entertainment. If you love music, you may enjoy a high-end audio system to enjoy your favorite artist’s discography. But when you’re creating an audio setup, you need to ensure you incorporate a two-channel audio system. Two-channel audio is the superior way to enjoy your favorite music, with high-fidelity sound you will love. Keep reading to learn more about two-channel systems and how they elevate the sound in your Virginia Beach, VA, home.