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Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting Provides Beauty and Versatility


Explore the Latest Lighting Control System

Your home is your sanctuary, where you relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and rejuvenate. To help you elevate this peace and tranquility, our team at Domes Audio Video integrates the latest technology that’s easy to use and enhances your daily life.

Today’s lighting control is one such technology. Gone are the light switches, and in their place are beautiful touchscreens and custom-engraved keypads. No longer limited to soft or bright white light, you have access to all the colors in the visible light spectrum—millions of shades and hues. 

And it gets even better. In 2022, Control4, our home automation partner, came out with their Vibrant Linear Lighting system. Not only do you experience effortless control, but also light from an unseen source that’s inexplicably beautiful, elevating the environment and enhancing your family’s well-being.

Let’s explore the possibilities and how to upgrade your home’s lighting system in Virginia Beach, VA, with Vibrant Linear Lighting.

Discover the Two-Channel Audio Difference

Discover the Two-Channel Audio Difference

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with Premium Audio

After a long day of work, raising a family, and taking care of the home, you deserve to wind down with some premium home entertainment. If you love music, you may enjoy a high-end audio system to enjoy your favorite artist’s discography. But when you’re creating an audio setup, you need to ensure you incorporate a two-channel audio system. Two-channel audio is the superior way to enjoy your favorite music, with high-fidelity sound you will love. Keep reading to learn more about two-channel systems and how they elevate the sound in your Virginia Beach, VA, home.

Bring Your Home to Life with Whole-Home Audio

Bring Your Home to Life with Whole-Home Audio

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes Whenever and Wherever You Want

Audio plays an important role in our everyday lives. Many people listen to music at different times throughout the day while doing anything from getting ready after waking up, cooking, and cleaning to working out and relaxing. Now imagine being able to listen to music whenever you want without having to track down your portable speaker or headphones. With whole-home audio, you can do exactly that in your Suffolk, VA, home.

A whole-home audio system integrates a series of speakers to carry audio throughout your entire home. So, when you want to listen to your favorite artist, all you need to do is select the song and the room you’d like to listen in. Keep reading to learn more about home audio systems!

Why Your Home Needs a Professional Security Camera System

Why Your Home Needs a Professional Security Camera System

Keep Your Home Safe with the Best Security Solutions

Many homeowners will agree that security is an important feature to include in any home, especially technologies like security cameras and video doorbells that keep an eye on their homes when they can’t. However, not all security solutions are made the same. 

Creating a security system on your own may seem easy, and it might provide some layer of security, but it likely won’t give the desired results. By working with a professional technology company like Domes Audio Video Environments, you’ll receive a premium security camera system and complete peace of mind that your home is safe. Keep reading to see why your Virginia Beach, VA, home needs a professional surveillance camera system.

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